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Season 2: Point Defense is now available!

30th Nov 2021

A new seasonal free content update is now available for Aliens: Fireteam Elite! On December 14th, we released a patch including the new Point Defense game mode, a new Lifetime Stats feature, new weapons, a multitude of new cosmetics, and more. 

With this release on December 14th, AFE also became available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers on both Xbox and Windows 10. Cross play is also now be available between all Xbox and PC players who install via the Microsoft Store.

Year 1 Roadmap Update

With the release of Season 2: Point Defense, we have updated our Year 1 Roadmap to reflect the free content coming with this new season. Additional content updates are still underway for 2022, and we continue to work on more ideas beyond this roadmap. We hope you’re as excited as we are for what's coming to Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

Free Content Update

Season 2: Point Defense brings a content patch that includes the new Point Defense game mode, a new Lifetime Stats feature, as well as 4 new weapons (a Rifle, Hand Gun, CQW, and Heavy Weapon). It also brings an assortment of new attachments, new weapon colorways and decals, new head accessories, new emotes, and even new Challenge Cards to bring a unique twist to your next missions.

New Point Defense Game Mode

We're seeing an increase in xeno activity at the LV-895 ruins. Swarms are drawn by three Engineer devices. When they activate, xenos attack them. We believe those Engineer "Objects" stabilize the ground beneath the ruins. The moon is now entering a period of geologic instability - if we don't keep them running, the ruins will collapse.” - Cpl Savane

Challenge your Fireteam with a new survival-based defensive game mode where you must protect, repair, and hold 3 strategic points through attack waves from the xenomorph threat. Use Fabrication Points earned during each wave to buy temporary Consumables and help your team survive the next attack. As you succeed at various difficulty levels, you’ll unlock all 13 new attachments, the “Come at me” “Noodle Arms” and “Cower” emotes, the ferocious Dragon decal in all 3 colors (Vermillion, Azure, and White), and the spine-chilling Exoskeletal Laminate colorway.

New Lifetime Stats Feature

Take pride in your Colonial Marine’s service record and keep track of your performance with the new Lifetime Stats feature. Review your general career stats, your performance with each Class Kit, and each weapon. 

You can review each mission to see which Class Kits and difficulties you've completed it with, as well as check your best completion time. Track your progress as you work toward desired rewards and achievements. If you’ve been playing since launch or prior to this upcoming patch, this feature will have all of your Lifetime Stats since the Season 1 patch available.

New Hyperdyne Weaponry

With Season 2 we introduced 4 new weapons, one for each weapon type.

  • Rifle: EVI-87 Zvezda Plasma Rifle - While still considered experimental outside the UPP, Hyperdyne has eagerly pushed export sales to corner a new market early. The fastest firing Automatic Rifle on the market currently, the plasma rounds provide great accuracy and minimal recoil, albeit with lower stopping power, especially at range.
  • Heavy: Microburst - While "small area" RPGs and grenades have become common in modern weaponry, Hyperdyne has pushed further into a rapid fire, very condensed explosive, allowing users to blanket an area with powerful anti-personnel explosions with minimal collateral damage.
  • CQW: PPZ-49 Vol - The Vol features a closed-bolt and uses a gasless system, providing more accurate grouping in sustained fire. Coupled with the large magazine, the PPZ-49 edges close to Automatic Rifle territory while still being compact.
  • Hand Gun: Frontier Revolver - When Hyperdyne decided to make a gun designed for explorers and miners, they went with a more traditional revolver format that was easier to maintain. The massive punch more than made up for the kick and single chamber reload, making these very common in the outer rim.

New in SSgt Park’s Shop

SSgt Park has got his hands on some brand new weapon schematics and other “Special Items” for the marines on the UAS Endeavor! Four all-new Hyperdyne weapons, the “Endeavor Wings Cap” and “Festive Hat” head accessories, the “Camo Tiger Orange” and “Pineapple” colorways, the “UPP Flag” and “895 Speedway” decals, and the “Quotes” and “Pose Weapon - Up” emotes are available via SSgt Park’s shop. 

Nostromo Salvage Pack

The Nostromo Salvage Pack emerges from a 57-year hypersleep with over 25 exclusive items, including class kit skins, weapon colors, decals, head accessories, emotes and more! Whether you’re looking to show off your inner “space trucker” with these classic outfits, bring a lot more color to your instruments of war, or even just scare your teammates with your xenomorph mimicry, we’re sure you’ll love these additions to your inventory. Released on December 14th alongside Season 2, this pack can be purchased individually for $9.99 each, or you can also upgrade to the Deluxe Edition to get all 4 DLC packs as they're released, along with the additional Endeavor Veteran Pack.

Upgrade to the Deluxe Edition

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We will hold another Q&A session on our official Discord server, which will be held in text form. Developers will answer live the best questions submitted during the Q&A in our #questions-and-answers channel.

So save the date and join us this Friday, December 3rd, at 12PM PST at: discord.gg/aliensfireteamelite

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