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Content Creators and Moderators

24th Aug 2021

Content Creators

if you would like to network with us so we can keep you in mind for future community opportunities, then please send an introduction email to [javascript protected email address] including your: Full name, preferred contact email, main channel link, and a brief summary of your channel and the content you cover. 

We have some resources available for Content Creators that can be downloaded from this page. This will be updated in the future.

How to apply to become a Mod 

If you or someone you know would wish to become a Moderator for this server, then you may write to us at [javascript protected email address] with your moderation records and referrals, as well as your full name, Discord handle, and links to your social channels. Please include a list of games and the respective channels you have moderated before. We will also favor applicants who speak languages other than English and who live in time zones outside of those of the US so we can better serve our global community of Discord members. 

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