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Aliens: Fireteam Elite's LV-895 Battle Report

19th Dec 2022

It’s been a year filled with Facehuggers, bursting eggs and galactic adventures. Together we’ve killed innumerable Xenomorphs and have helped make the outer colonies a safer place for just about everyone. 

It hasn’t always been easy, especially since we introduced Hardcore mode. Not only did you marines survive a run in with a Xenomorph Queen, but you even took down one of her Pathogen counterparts. Not to mention the countless Warriors, Crushers and Praetorian that have learned what happens when they cross paths with the elite crew of the Endeavor.

LV-895 Battle Report
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To help in your adventures, we added over 100 different items to the game since launch, including more than a dozen new weapons and two dozen new attachments. Plus stockfulls of emotes, kit skins, and weapon colors.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also added more than 60 new challenge cards and the Fabrication Reprocessor, so you can recycle the cards you’ve been hoarding. 

Speaking of hoards, we also added four new hoard modes this year, including Ruptured Cistern just a couple weeks ago. We’re especially proud of this latest entry and its unique vertical gameplay that has been giving even our most veteran marines a run for their money. 

All of this leads us to what was without a doubt our biggest content drop of the year, the Pathogen expansion.

Pathogen brought with it 32 new challenge cards, 26 attachments, 8 new weapons, dozens of weapon colors, emotes, perks, decals and more. Most importantly, it continued the Aliens: Fireteam Elite story with the 3-mission ‘Promise of a Flower’ campaign. 

Marines faced their toughest challenge yet when they were tasked with taking down the Pathogen hive and eliminating the Pathogen Queen. She put up a mighty fight, but ultimately fell to the prowess of the Colonial Marines. 

It’s been an incredible year and we’re so thankful to have been able to share this game with all of you. We’ll be back in the new year with new announcements and new opportunities to squelch the Xenomorphs scourge. Until then, don’t forget to earn all the limited time rewards in the Ruptured Cistern Holiday event that runs through January 17th!

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