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Season 3: Lancer is now available!

24th Mar 2022

“Stand your ground, and hold the line!”

The Season 3: Lancer update is now available, and we wanted to give you a peek at everything being added. Dig in and dive into the newly added Cosmetics and Weapons!


The Lancer holds the line. They do not falter, they do not retreat. Often, they don’t even move.

Passive – Overwatch

While standing still or in cover, gain 1 stack of Overwatch a second, up to 5. Overwatch increases Accuracy, Damage, and Stability by 3% per stack. However, for every second out of cover or moving, lose 1 stack of Overwatch.

Ability 1 – Particle Lance

Fire a powerful particle weapon that penetrates all enemies in the line of fire, blocked only by terrain.

Ability 2 – Onslaught

Immediately reload weapon and automatically reload after every shot for duration. Increases Weapon Damage and Damage Resistance by 20%, decreases Movement and Fire Rate by 20%.


Design loadouts for specific Missions or team comps!

Every Marine knows you bring the right tool for the right job, and Season 3 is making that easier than ever. Loadout Presets will now allow you to save up to 10 presets that include Kits, Weapons, and Cosmetics!


CQW: X1 Fireball

AoE on impact. A launcher in a non-heavy slot, lobbing fireballs with lasting fire patches.

Heavy: M41E4 Heavy Pulse Rifle

Moderate spread. High sustain. The first standard machine gun brought to the Heavy space.

Rifle: X45 Bombard Flechette Rifle

Faster firing. Greater precision. All the goods of the X43 Flechette SMG brought to the DMR space. 

Hand Gun: Mark 7 Mod CQB Pistol

Automatic burst. The control of an SMG  wrapped in a Machine Pistol.


Over 20 items including Class Kit skins, Emotes, Decals and more!

This content is free for Deluxe Edition or available as DLC for Standard Edition.


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