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Meet the Crew: Esther 1089-12/A7

1st Feb 2022

The battalion synthetic aboard UAS Endeavor, capable of operating the entire ship and responding to scientific, technical, and psychological queries – all at the same time, if circumstances require.

Rank: None

MOS: 6673 Automated Information Systems (AIS) Operator

Incept Date: June 6, 2172

Manufactory: Weyland-Yutani of Eko Atlantic International Commerce City

Model History

The Esther model synthetic was developed in the early 2170s and manufactured contemporaneously with the Bishop until the early 2180s. Both models were designed to operate information support systems, perform electronic warfare, and serve as a general purpose scientific advisor for Colonial Marine units.

Unit integration debriefings with early Bishops suggested that psychological support and counseling software packages would be a useful addition – they were often seen by their peers as impartial sounding boards. This functionality was patched into some Bishops after deployment and resulted in a series of dedicated psychologist models supplied to the Veterans Administration. The software was bundled into Esthers from their initial release.

As high-sapient synthetics, Esthers work with their assigned ship’s MU/TH/UR computer to monitor and maintain systems while humans spend long FTL transits in cryogenic hypersleep.


While I am an early production model, I have been given extensive hardware upgrades to match the modern seventh generation spec.

As my runtimes have been active for over two decades, they have settled into distinct patterns of operation, perceived by my unit as a "personality." Esthers are designed to shift mannerisms and speech based on how others react, but my long uptime has made my own ability... deficient compared to more recent inceptions.

I enjoy the study of piano and violin. Since I can replicate the motions of others flawlessly, I have been told my playing is "soulless." While the battalion is in hypersleep, I practice - not to get notes correct, but to get them wrong. It is important to me that I develop subtle imperfections to make my performance seem more human. I have been studying the Japanese aesthetic concept of "wabi-sabi" to further my progress.

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