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October 2023 QoL Patch Notes

24th Oct 2023

This patch is scheduled to be available for PlayStation, PC, and Switch by 10 am PT on October 24. The Xbox patch has been delayed and is expected by 10 am PT on October 26. 

Note: Platform availability times may vary.

Welcome to the Aliens: Fireteam Elite quality of life patch notes. We’ve got dozens of bug fixes, plus major updates to matchmaking and your favorite synth, heading your way. Alpha and Beta now have improved offensive, defensive, and support capabilities, meaning they’ll act smarter and more inline with how an actual player might respond to the situation. They’ll also scale more appropriately with higher difficulty levels and should perform more intelligently in regards to friendly fire, reviving and healing, and engagement.  

On top of the Aliens: Fireteam Elite  updates, we also have some Cold Iron Studios news to share that we’re extremely excited about. 

To everyone who has supported Cold Iron Studios, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, and all of the work we’ve put in, we wanted to first thank you. We have had a lot of things going on under the hood, and the continued dedication our fans have delivered has been invaluable. That said, we’ve got lots of great news to share!

First is that we are proud to announce Elena Siegman as our new Studio Head, leading production and development, and Kendall Deacon Davis, spearheading creative. We announced this on our company website and you can read more about it at coldironstudios.com.

Alongside the new leadership, Cold Iron will be adding some long-requested quality of life updates to Aliens: Fireteam Elite, with the first update coming tomorrow, October 24. We’re committed to providing these updates while we’re hard at work on our next major project. Future updates will include many of the community's most prominent requests, such as fixes to matchmaking and improvements to everyone’s favorite Synths, Alpha and Beta. 

In the meantime, we are in full development on a new title. Building on the success of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Cold Iron is hard at work making a new experience for fans to sink their teeth into. More updates will be coming as development is further along.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Updates to matchmaking that fix host errors, disconnects, queue issues, crossplay, crashes and more
  • All game modes have been added to Quickplay
  • Added additional logs and analytics
  • Alpha and Beta Updates
    • Improved offensive capabilities
    • Improved defensive capabilities
    • Improved support capabilities
    • Adjusted scaling and healing for difficulties
    • Adjusted behavior when reviving player
    • Adjusted behavior relating to fire paths and friendly fire
    • Adjusted Sleep Mode parameters leaving Alpha and Beta in at least a state of minimal engagement at all appropriate times

Bug Fixes

  • Lancer Horde Slayer skin is retroactively granted to players who have already beaten a horde mode on extreme
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused game fails when connecting to Epic servers
  • Fixed a missing SFX bug related to HEL
  • Fixed an exploit in Cathedral Bridge
  • Fixed a bug on Likasi Tower that prevented players from purchasing additional consumables
  • Fixed bugs related to the following Challenge Cards & perks: By the Lowest Bidder, Slow But Sure, Stuck Magazines, Expendable Crew, Threat Neutralized, Chain Reaction, Sidearm Expertise
  • Fixed a bug related to player stumbling
  • Fixed a bug causing the perk ‘Guard Dog’ to not deal appropriate damage
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Warriors being highlighted by the T22E4 Sargodha N-HANCE Large Optic
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Anesthesiologist’ perk to grant 20% temporary health
  • Fixed a bug that caused animation and SFX errors with the EDS-93 Zadak
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Gunner’s grenade to be not visible after emoting
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to exploit character movements
  • Fixed a bug that caused client crashes when players accept invites from Hardcore players
  • Fixed a bug that caused malfunctions with the OCAP-91 VOLCAN while using the Lancer kit
  • Fixed a bug causing Lifetime Stats to appear negative if the number cap is exceeded
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Requisition Store from working consistently across all Horde Modes
  • Fixed a bug that caused Alpha and Beta to continuously fire after being knocked down

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