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Meet the Crew: Cpl Ibrahim Savane

18th Jan 2022

The liaison between Echo Company and Colonial Marines Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Service (CMISRS), Savane cheerfully provides as much information as his superiors clear for distribution.

Rank: Corporal (E-4)

MOS: 0239 Intelligence Analyst

Date of Birth: October 11, 2179

Place of Birth: Touba, Senegal

Service Record

Savane enlisted at the Monrovia Embassy Recruiting Station in Liberia, and trained at MCRD Val de Cães, Brazil. His marksmanship and fitness scores were unremarkable, but his mental agility and observational skills proved exceptional. In field exercises, he showed an uncanny ability to discern OPFOR intentions with limited data.

Upon graduation, he was requested by Colonial Marines Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Service (CMISRS).

He spent his first two years performing data analysis at Fort Brimmicombe-Wood on Georgia (70 Ophiuchi A V). During this period, he cross-trained into UAV operation. His achievements are classified, but upon completion of his posting, he was granted the opportunity to choose his next assignment. He chose front line duty, as part of a Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Savane has a Class 1 rating in reconnaissance UAV operation, and a Class 2 rating in hunter-killer UAVs.

Esther's Observations

Relations between CMISRS operators and line Marines are often strained. Officially, Corporal Savane’s department exists to support and assist line companies. However, CMISRS staff officers have the authority to usurp command of field units in extreme circumstances. He has struggled to earn the trust of the platoon he is assigned to advise.

He has a curious mind and learned to operate UAVs as a means to work in the field. He fulfills recon objectives quickly so he has time to “sightsee” on alien worlds. This occasionally yields valuable intelligence, as when he discovered a supply dead-drop for UPP infiltration teams on [REDACTED].

He is a passionate fan of football (soccer), despite match broadcasts being delayed by weeks or months on the Frontier. CMISRS operators are forbidden from participating in betting pools, but one of his “pet projects” is monitoring the pools run by fellow Marines and analyzing trends.

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