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Meet the Crew: SSgt Alejandra “Alex” Herrera

2nd Nov 2021

Platoon Sergeant for Echo Company's 1st Rifle Platoon, Herrera directs her fireteams from a Tactical Operations center aboard a dropship or APC.

Rank: Staff Sergeant (E-6)

MOS: 0369 Infantry Unit Leader

Date of Birth: March 30, 2178

Place of Birth: El Cobre, Cuba

Service Record

Herrera enlisted at Recruiting Station Santiago de Cuba in 2195, and trained at MCRD Isla San José, Panama. Her scores were average, but her leadership qualities were quickly noted. Initially a ringleader for unit troublemakers (particularly AJSP inductees), she was chosen as Platoon Guide by Drill Instructor Zalman, and held responsible for ensuring none of her unit washed out. None did.

Though skilled in mechanical maintenance, Herrera declined service in a support unit, and was assigned to a line unit in the 37th MEU, aboard the Bougainville-class Attack Transport UAS Améthyste. Though Améthyste’s battle group was deployed in response to several provocations by the UPP during 2196 and '97, no combat occurred.

Her second tour was with the 35th MEU aboard the Tientsin-class Assault Ship UAS Humaitá. Herrera’s unit responded to xenomorph outbreaks on sixteen Outer Rim colonies and outposts, four of which ultimately required orbital sterilization protocols.

Her actions clearing the hive at Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima on Amaru (HD 40307 g6) were recognized with a Marine Commendation Medal. However, Herrera's performance declined after this operation, and a number of off-duty incidents occurred.

Upon returning to port, she served a six month garrison stint at Kuat ASFB on Surier (Delta Pavonis d), during which she voluntarily participated in an outpatient program run by the Veterans Administration.

After her fitness was re-certified, she returned to fleet duty in 2201, assigned to the newly organized 33rd Marine Regiment, 11th Marine Division. Her battalion was ultimately assigned to the 40th MEU aboard UAS Endeavor.

Esther's Observations

Staff Sergeant Herrera’s father ran an auto repair shop, and she was expected to assist him in the garage from a young age. However, it is a standing joke in Echo Company that she possesses a "technology death field" that makes lights burn out and computers lock up when she walks by.

Herrera and Lieutenant Ko run a revolving poker tournament on weekends. The rifle companies and aerospace squadron are particularly fierce rivals. Colonel Shipp has seen no reason to curtail this activity.

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